Make your readers the heroes of your brand story

Seamlessly Blend Author-Generated Content with Effortless Integration.

More Ways to Share

Potential readers are 10 times more likely to trust a peer review than information provided by a brand when considering a purchase. BookBooster allows you to collect and display video, photo and text user-generated content (UGC).

Better Results

Achieve More: Elevate your author success with proven results.

Protect your author brand

Streamlined moderation allows you to approve user generated content with your mobile phone.


Efficiently monitor the business impact of your content campaigns. Quickly identify which campaign types and content are delivering exceptional results.


By engaging your readers with testimonials and user-generated content (UGC), you're not only capturing their enthusiasm but also building a substantial database of email addresses and customer details. To streamline your process, BookBooster seamlessly integrates these contacts into lists within our BookBlast Email service. Additionally, if you're already using a different email service provider or CRM, we offer compatibility and support for these and various other email services, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow: